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    We're here to help.

  • Travel Logistics

  • Gear Storage

  • Moose Calling Excursions

  • Professional Butchers On-Site

  • Complete Meat Processing Services at McGrath Meat Company

  • Packaging, Shipping and Delivery of Cape, Antlers, Meat

  • Easy Access to Your Guide

  • Located near Fish & Game Office

  Notice:  Prices are subject to change.                  

    We strongly recommend that you mail your gear 4-6 weeks ahead of your arrival.  We charge $25 per piece to pick up from the post office and store until your arrival. There is no fee to store the gear that you don't want to take into the field with you.

Ship to:

Your Name

C/O Hotel McGrath

P.O. Box 173 (For shipping via USPS or Fed Ex)

610 McGuire's Drive (For shipping via UPS)

McGrath, Alaska 99627

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